“Being rich is having money.
Being wealthy is having time.”
– Bill Gates –

There is a one-time Registration Fee of $97 and monthly access charges of $19 to establish your Associate account. To begin your Wealth Associate Registration, please click the “REGISTER” button below to provide the required information and execute our Associate Agreement.

IMPORTANT: You must submit a valid “Enlisting Associate Code” to register as an Independent Wealth Associate. Be sure to secure this code from the Associate who referred you to the program, or request a code through our Wealth Associate Services Team.

After you submit your registration information, we will review it for completeness and send you a confirmation email to the address provided. You may email us at info@wealthmax.co with any questions or if you do not receive our confirmation email within 24 hours. Once registered, you may use the “Login” button above to access your personal Wealth Associate Account 24 hours a day.

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