“Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes –
Your Associate Network
How You Got Here
Associates earn their commissions (residual payments) primarily from the WealthMAX Subscribers that they register themselves (known as “Direct Registrations”), and from referrals to the app (known as “Referred Registrations”) by those same Subscribers who register their friends and family for their own WealthMAX subscription.
Other individuals (New Associates) can also be enlisted into the Wealth Associates Network by existing Associates, who act as “Enlisting Associates” in this regard, to further enhance an established Associate’s own Network and monthly income. This is most likely how you discovered / joined the Associate Program.
Working with your Enlisting Associate
Enlisting Associates educate their New Associates about the service, and help to train them in the proper methods of promoting WealthMAX. Also, if logistically feasible, Enlisting Associates will typically attend the first few Prospective Subscriber appointments / meetings either in person or by teleconference / web conference / chat which are arranged by the New Associate.
During these appointments, the Enlisting Associate will often perform the presentation / demonstration (utilizing the WealthMAX website, videos, or other promotional resources) and lead the call or meeting. The New Associate gains valuable experience through these gatherings as he or she witnesses the Enlisting Associate competently describe our app and the substantial benefits of a WealthMAX subscription.
DIRECT & INDIRECT COMMISSIONS In exchange for this training and mentoring, Enlisting Associates receive recurring commissions for each new Subscriber (known as “Indirect Registrations”) that is registered by their New Associates. It should be noted that the commission earned by Enlisting Associates from their New Associate’s Subscriber registrations, does not diminish the full commission received by the New Associates themselves for registering those Subscribers. The Enlisting Associate’s compensation is provided in addition to the commission received by the New Associate as further incentive for them to invest the time and effort necessary to fully develop and maximize the potential of every Associate in their Network.
This contributes to the equal treatment and fair play that keeps our Associates working together and in harmony. And once again, we emphasize that there is no investment, or purchase imposed upon New Associates. Your promotional activities can begin immediately after registering as a New Associate and paying a modest on-time registration fee ($97) and flat mothly charges ($19). Also, New Associates are eligible from Day 1 to act as Enlisting Associates by signing-up (enlisting) Prospective Associates into their Network. This provides established Associates with a third path for growth and cash-flow generation:
  • Direct Registrations
  • Referred Registrations
  • Indirect Registrations
Unlimited Growth and Equal Opportunity
Our Associate Program’s unique structure combines the powerful forces of direct-sales and network-marketing to generate new Subscribers and additional Associates in a concerted fashion. Each experienced Enlisting Associate recruits and enlists New Associates for their Network, and then trains and prepares them for success as they work together to register Prospective Subscribers; which then become the basis of the New Associate’s very own Network.
The synergies implied from this joint effort helps to foster teamwork and produces high-quality, informed Associates that in turn will replicate this process. Thereby, each new Associate organically creates new network markets of Subscribers and Associates for their own benefit, and for the benefit of the Enlisting Associate who had brought them into the Program. And these activities recur over and over again throughout the entire Wealth Associates Network.
But unlike the opaque world of multi-level / vertical marketing, our transparent and horizontal network of Associates creates a true and standardized meritocracy _ through measuring progress and income by results, not tenure, and from the registration of actual Subscribers, rather than by just the recruitment of New Associates. This approach indiscriminately produces unlimited growth and opportunity for all Associates to thrive and prosper, no matter when or where they may have entered into our broad and talented Wealth Associates Network.
Consistent with our Wealth Associate theme of: “You get out, what you put in,” the WealthMAX Global Wealth Associates Network handsomely rewards the efforts of our most highly motivated Associates while still granting …
equal access and equal opportunity to all.
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