“Chop your own wood, and it will warm you twice.” – Henry Ford –
You will find that marketing WealthMAX is quite easy and even fun! After all, we’re helping people to improve their financial lives. And there’s nothing more rewarding than receiving the sincere gratitude from those who you’ve helped by introducing them to the incredible wealth generating power of our app.
Below, we go over the preferred and recommended steps to best market WealthMAX to others. We’ll start first with methods for bringing in New Associates to your Network, and then discuss getting large numbers of Subscriber Registrations.
Where to Recruit New Associates
As an Associate, your focus should always be on the registration of Prospective Subscribers. However, the development of a broad Associate Network will contribute greatly to your long-term success. New Associates are identified and introduced to the Associate Program from a variety of sources. Obviously, your social network of family, friends, co-workers and business associates are all logical groups to initially consider. To help you think beyond these social and professional networks, we have listed below some typical venues where Prospective Associates can be met and marketed to.
  • Business Opportunity Magazines / Websites
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurial Conferences
  • Professional Association Meetings and Tradeshows
  • Classified Employment Ads
  • Motivational / Self-help Seminars
  • Local Professional Networking Groups
  • New Career or New Business Expos and Conventions
  • Professional Development Classes and Workshops
  • We are extremely passionate about WealthMAX and its ability to literally change people’s lives. And we desire Associates who recognize the significance of WealthMAX, just as we do, and who will work hard to get our message out. So, you may want to concentrate on the professions and career fields that attract individuals with outgoing personalities and a strong independent work ethic. Here is a sampling of such fields:
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Outside Sales Reps
    • Mortgage Brokers
    • Retail Sales
  • Event Promoters
  • Automobile Sales
  • Insurance Agents
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Of course, along with pursuing these groups, your Registered Subscribers themselves can also provide a significant and growing pool of potential Associates. Many of them may be eager (especially those who’ve already referred several Subscribers) to share and promote their first-hand WealthMAX experiences with groups beyond their immediate family, friends, and acquaintances.
    You can conveniently monitor the referrals registered by your existing Subscribers from inside your Wealth Associate Account and select the most active and successful among them to become your Enlisted Associates. These Subscribers are easily recruited into the Program and usually prove to be valuable additions to your Associate Network.
    Explaining the Benefits of a Subscription
    Our Associate Program is designed to financially reward Associates for sharing / introducing the WealthMAX app to as many people as possible. If you’ve ever told someone about a good movie, your favorite restaurant, or a great doctor, then you’re already familiar with how to make money in this Program …
    Just Tell Others !!!

    In fact, the overall basic premise of our entire Associate Program comes down to this: You can achieve high levels of recurring income by simply sharing this proven and powerful app with others!
    Now let’s consider the best way to introduce Prospective Subscribers to WealthMAX. You should first give an initial introduction to WealthMAX which may go something like this:

    WealthMAX is a convenient personal finance and stock market investing App that automatically selects trades, sends them to your mobile device, and manages your entire portfolio each market day.”
    After this explanation, Associates should shape the rest of their presentation around the following 3 basic features:
    Benefits - First, the many benefits of a WealthMAX subscription should be highlighted. Including 30% annual returns as well as the mobility, transparency, and convenience of receiving and executing our electronic trade signals from literally anywhere in the world. It should also be made clear that nearly anyone can benefit from our app because it only takes 10 minutes per day to monitor and maintain an online WealthMAX investment portfolio. And then, you should stress the absolute control they will have by keeping their money in their own online brokerage account at all times.
    Methods - A brief description of the WealthMAX methodology should then follow. This includes defining Sector Rotation and how it applies to stock market investing (as described on the “WealthAlgo” webpage of the WealthMAX Subscriber site) and our rigorous trade selection process. This is then brought into context with the fact that the WealthAlgo investment system uses the powerful forces of leverage and compounding to help achieve our outsized annual gains.
    Mechanics - The mechanical or operational aspects of the app should then be explained. Such as how the trade signals arrive and their frequency, and what a Subscriber does with the trade signal information once received. The “Mechanics” discussion also includes the establishment of the Subscriber’s dedicated brokerage account. And finally, the easy steps to register online to begin their WealthMAX subscription right away.
    This is all, of course, just the initial introduction to the app. Once these basic features have been conveyed to a Prospective Subscriber, they should then go to the WealthMAX Subscriber website to learn all about the other important details and the true value of a WealthMAX subscription. And that should be followed-up by you with a Q&A session to answer any remaining questions, and then once again instruct them to register with your Associate Code in order to waive the fee for their activation key.

    At that point, if they for whatever reason feel that they cannot use the app themselves, we recommend that you offer them a $100 Gift Card (VISA, Amex, etc.) for any referrals they provide who actually register as Subscribers. This is optional, of course, but if you do the math you’ll find it to be a worthwhile investment and a sufficient incentive for many referrals.

    Eventually, once you have perfected your presentation skills and developed significant knowledge and expertise of the app, you can host your own small seminar presentations where you can expect subscription registrations rates as high as 80% of attendees!

    Your Ultimate Marketing Tool: Seminar Presentations
    Regarding seminar presentations, if you are serious about pursuing WealthMAX promotions as a career/business, then hosting small to medium sized seminars (for Subscribers and for New Associates) in your area should be your goal and, ultimately, your primary promotion method. You should frequently market and advertise your upcoming seminar presentations. The formula for seminar success is as follows:
    • A.Advertise your seminars in the local markets which they will be held.
    • B.Collect email info for follow-up marketing from those who only leave their email address “For Future Seminar Dates” on your seminar registration webpage.
    • C.Collect all contact info from those who complete your online registration form for your seminar.
    • D.90% of the attendees to your seminar will benefit you in one of three ways:
      • 1.Most will start the WealthMAX free trial subscription, and then become Paid Subscribers.
      • 2.Others, who don’t currently have the minimum $10K, should be scheduled to attend your next Associate Seminar (separate from the Subscriber Seminar), which you could call the “Residual Income Seminar” so they can earn their $10K starting capital from being a Wealth Associate (the next Associate in your Network).
      • 3.And then there are those who would happily refer others that they know for the $100 Gift Cards that you can offer them for each of their referred Subscribers who register.
    • E.Do follow-up marketing (email, phone call, etc.) for those who registered for the seminar but did not attend.
    • F.Repeat from the top…
    By repeating this formula over and over, your seminar promotions and presentations will create a constant flow of: Prospective Subscribers, Actual Subscribers, Prospective Associates, Actual Associates, solid referrals, and qualified leads and contacts.
    Promotion Methods
    Did you ever think you could earn a 6-figure income by simply discussing a “Stock Market App” or handing out Free-Trial promotion cards? And remember, you’re not selling water purifiers or life insurance policies. You’re promoting a revolutionary investment method that utilizes professional-assisted trading, mobile technology, and the Internet. These are sexy topics that most people gravitate to or have a curiosity with.
    The following list identifies several basic approaches that can get you started promoting WealthMAX right away. Using these common marketing techniques and your Associate Code, you can effectively, inexpensively, and consistently promote the WealthMAX app and attract prospects to your meetings / seminars; which will always generate significant numbers of WealthMAX Subscribers, Associates, referrals and leads.

    Promotion Cards: Hand out your WealthMAX Promotion Cards at every opportunity - during meetings, at lunch, while shopping, Starbucks, sporting events, group activities, traveling, bars / clubs, golfing, at parties, civic functions, professional conferences, trade shows, restaurants, the gym, on cars that park next to you, and even while running errands.
    Traditional Networking: Register Prospective Subscribers from family members, co-workers, friends, friends of friends, business associates, and other acquaintances. (And remember to offer $100 Gift Cards for referrals from those who cannot initially use the app themselves.)
    Social Networks: Use Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Twitter, and other popular social media platforms to reach larger groups of Prospective Subscribers.
    Direct Mail: Send promotional direct mail pieces to Prospective Subscribers at demographically targeted physical addresses.
    Print Advertising: Use sized ads or the classifieds in local /regional / national newspapers and magazines.
    Websites: Create your own websites with promotional messages that will drive traffic to your seminars or group meetings.
    Email: Promote to your entire email “Contact List”, and then create larger email promotion campaigns by purchasing targeted email lists or using online list-building techniques.
    Viral Marketing: Utilize the email “Contact Lists” of those who you know, both personally and professionally, to resend your promotional messages again and again, creating a viral chain that could “touch” hundreds, or even thousands, of Prospective Subscribers.
    Videos and Podcasts: Create videos and podcasts with your promotional message to use on your website, YouTube, and/or to distribute by email to Prospective Subscribers.
    Blogs: Develop your own blog to get out your message and create interest around your upcoming events.
    Fliers: Create and distribute your own custom fliers, brochures and circulars, or you can simply use your WealthMAX promotion cards as such.
    Signage (Indoor / Outdoor): Small promotional signs (or your Promotion Cards) placed in key areas can be very effective where permitted. Suggested locations include - Community Clubs and organizations, Churches, Shopping Malls, Hotel Lobbies, Convention Centers, Civic Halls or other highly frequented public areas.
    Telemarketing / Cold Calling: Use targeted cold calling and telemarketing to reach selected pre-qualified individuals and groups. (Be sure to honor “Do not call” lists and other regulatory restrictions.)
    Direct Solicitations: Send in paid (commissioned) solicitors - or just yourself into large/popular venues and events to mingle with Prospective Subscribers and to distribute your Promotion Cards.
    Seminars: Introduce WealthMAX to Prospective Subscribers and Associates by hosting a formal seminar using “Making Money App” (for Subscribers) and “Residual Income” (for Associates) as themes at a hotel, banquet hall or conference center near you.
    Teleconference / Webinar: Coordinate online teleconferences and webinars to reach Prospective Subscribers and Associates beyond your immediate geographic region.

    This list should provide a good starting-off point for your initial promotional efforts. New opportunities will invariably open up to you as you “put yourself out there” and begin to grow your Associate Network.
    As you pursue Prospective Subscribers by utilizing many of these marketing techniques, you will eventually hone and develop a promotion style that best suits you and your personality. Through this process you will undoubtedly discover many successful approaches to promote the app, which will propel you to reach all your financial goals as an Independent Wealth Associate.
    Begin your career as a Wealth Associate, today. get registered here