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  • This opportunity sounds great! But do I need any specialized education or experience with the stock market to successfully promote WealthMAX?
    No, not at all. We have Associates who come directly from the financial services industry, and we have Associates who have never traded a single share of stock. The fact is that it really doesn’t matter because WealthMAX provides its Subscribers with all of the necessary information for making successful market investments. So, an individual Associate’s financial experience or expertise is not very relevant. Just be a good marketer!
  • Can you explain the benefits, and the potential, of network marketing because I’m not really familiar with it?
    Network marketing has grown to be increasingly popular and effective as our world continues to shrink and become more personalized and connected. When you network market, you’re basically direct marketing person-to-person and person-to-group. You are engaging your audience in-person, and taking advantage of the “network” of contacts that can be derived from that personal exchange. If you systematically network yourself through targeted individuals and groups, multiple opportunities inevitably open to you that can then propel your message exponentially further.
  • Must I first be a WealthMAX Subscriber to then become an Associate for the company?
    No. You can definitely become a Wealth Associate without being a Subscriber. This is usually the case when someone very much wants to be a Subscriber, but they do not have the minimum capital requirement ($10K) to start their own trading account. Many who aspire to use the WealthMAX app discover that becoming an Associate for the company can put them on a fast-track to earning the money necessary to begin their subscription.
  • Why is the commission payment considered a residual payment?
    A residual is a recurring payment that is made on a regular basis and represents a set period of time. An Associate’s residual commission is first earned when a new Subscriber has passed through the 30-day free trial and has thereby begun their paid-subscription period. A corresponding residual commission is earned every month that the Subscriber makes their Alpha Fee payment. Our residual commission payments repeat over and over again (for up to 10 years) as long as your Subscribers continue to pay Alpha Fees.
  • When exactly does an Associate first get paid their commission for registering a new Subscriber?
    A commission is not earned until the new Subscriber has passed their 30-day free trial and made their first Alpha Fee payment. The residual commission is then credited to the Associate’s account and is paid on the 10th day of the following month (or the first business day thereafter if a weekend or holiday).
  • How do Associates benefit from a Subscriber’s referral?
    Well, the most obvious benefit is the commission earned on each Subscriber-referral itself (known as a “Referred Registration”). It should be noted that this commission is actually greater than the Indirect Registration commission (see the Commission Table on our “Commissions” webpage) earned when an Associate who you enlisted (an Associate in your Network) registers a Subscriber. Also, there is the “network effect” from a Subscriber’s referral. If your Subscriber refers 10 people, and those 10 people each refer 10 more people, and those people refer 10 … and so on. Then this cascade of referrals will generate multiple commissions for you all along the way! And in our connected world of social networks, email contact lists, blogs, Twitter, mobile messaging, etc., the potential for referrals to go viral is enormous! And remember, your Associate Code (via the Subscriber’s Number that is used during a referral’s registration) waives the fee for their Activation Key, and is passed along this chain-of-referrals ensuring that you get credit for what would be a thriving downline of Subscriber referrals.
  • Are there any hidden costs or dues when i first become an Associate?
    No, none whatsoever. The only costs you incur other than the registration fee ($97) and the monthly access fees ($19) are costs that you chose to undertake. Such as having promotion cards printed, running advertisements, or purchasing marketing materials. The bottom-line: there are no additional costs or fees that you must pay to become Wealth Associate.
  • Can I enlist Associates underneath me even before I register my first Subscriber?
    Yes. New Associates can begin enlisting other Associates into the Program from Day 1, and then receive commission credit for Subscribers registered by them. There are no restrictions on this, and for some it may be the primary way that they promote WealthMAX.
  • When is my Wealth Associate account opened?
    It is established for you after you register as an Associate from this website and execute our Associate Agreement, which is also a part of the registration process. You will then be assigned a Username and Password (sent via email) that you will use to login to your Wealth Associate account from the “Login” button above.
  • When can Associates use the WealthMAX name and when can’t they?
    The WealthMAX name and logo are not licensed for use by Associates in any advertising medium. However, the WealthMAX name should certainly be invoked when conducting your one-on-one or one-on-group, in-person promotions. And, of course, once your Prospective Subscribers arrive at your seminar, they should be greeted by the WealthMAX logo splashed up on the screen when they walk into the room. And then your presentation (usually through the WealthMAX website) should commence.
  • Is this program the same as an MLM?
    No. Multi-level marketing (MLM) groups and other pyramid-style organizations are somewhat of a stacked deck. Those at the top typically enjoy a disproportionate share of the rewards which are usually generated from those near the bottom. Our merit-based Associate Program has no such inequities or limitations. Associate compensation is chiefly drawn from the registration of new Subscribers as Associates develop their networks horizontally through their direct efforts. And in doing so, new Associates have the opportunity to out-earn the Associates who may have joined the Program long before them by simply registering more Subscribers than their predecessors.
  • Can I set-up an office to run promotions and to conduct my presentations?
    Yes, there is nothing to prohibit you from establishing an office to operate your Promotions business. If you plan on offering frequent seminars for both Subscribers and Associates, then doing so from an office may be more efficient and cost effective than renting hotel conference rooms each week.
  • What do I need to do to receive credit for registering a new Subscriber?
    This is what’s nice about a “One-Click” sign-up. All that is necessary for you to receive credit for a new Subscriber is for them to simply fill out our easy one-page online registration form, enter your Associate Code, and then click “Submit.” That’s it! For you, unlike in a traditional business, this means there are no detailed order forms to fill out; no inventory to ship; and no checks to collect. Just “One-Click” submit - and the account is credited to you!
  • How should I file my taxes regarding my Associate payments?
    For U.S. citizens, your Associate commissions can be claimed as “other income” on the first page of your form 1040 Individual tax return. Or if operating as an un-incorporated sole proprietorship, you should fill out a “Schedule C” (Business Income and Expense form) and attach it to your 1040 tax return. If you are operating as a separate corporation or LLC, your Associate payments should be included as revenue on your form 1120 corporate tax return. For others, see the Tax Rules and Regulations for your country of citizenship / residence for more details.
  • Must an Associate personally invite new Associates into the Program or can they just place ads to enlist new Associates?
    Existing Associates are free to place ads for both new Subscribers and new Associates. However, your ads should always direct respondents back to you so they can arrange to attend your seminar, teleconference, webinar, etc. Prospective Associates should not go directly to this Associate Program website and register before being properly educated about the Program. Remember that as an Enlisting Promoter, you are making a commitment of time and effort to train new Associates and develop them fully so they can maximize their promotional potential for themselves, and for you.
  • What do I need to do before I register as an Associate?
    There are really only three things that you need to have in place before you start the online registration process. First, you need the Associate Code of the Enlisting Associate that referred you to the Program. Second, you need an email address to receive communications and confirmations from WealthMAX. And lastly, you need to have a PayPal account set up to accept electronic transfers of your commission payments.
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