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Commissions The chart below, and the outline that follows, describes in detail a Wealth Associate’s compensation structure.
Associate Commission Chart
Registrations (Paid Subscriptions)
Type Source
Direct Associate
Referred Subscriber
Indirect Enlisted Associate
Master* WealthMAX
Commissions (Perecentage of Alpha Fee)
Stage 1 (30mo.) Stage 2 (30mo.) Stage 3 (60mo.)
40% per mo. 30% 20%
30% per mo. 20% 10%
20% per mo. 15% 7.5%
20% per mo. 15% 7.5%
*Only for participants in Master Associate Program. (leads provided by WealthMAX)
NOTE: Associates cannot receive commission credit for their own WealthMAX subscription registration.
The Four Commission Categories
There are four categories of residual-income generation (commissions) that can be earned in the Associate Program. For each subscription registration, the residual commission duration and amount adjusts over the 3 stages (first 30 mo.’s, next 30 mo.’s, next 60 mo.’s) as listed in the chart above; with commission payouts lasting up to 10 years.
  • Direct Registrations - Subscribers that you acquire yourself.
  • Referred Registrations - Subscribers that are acquired from the referrals of your Existing Subscribers.
  • Indirect Registrations - Subscribers that are acquired through the efforts of your Enlisted Associates.
  • Master Registrations - Subscribers that are acquired from leads provided by WealthMAX.
How Commissions Are Earned
Subscriber registrations provide the basis for all Associate income. Subscribers are acquired through the above four means. Associates may register countless Subscribers through these four channels and earn the corresponding monthly compensation as depicted in the Commission Chart.
As more Registered Subscribers and New Associates enter your Network, the resulting Referred Registrations and Indirect Registrations serve to leverage your promotional activities and generate commission income from beyond your initial efforts.
Every time one of your New Associates acquires a Registered Subscriber, you are credited with a recurring “Indirect Registration” commission. The New Associate under you that registered this Subscriber also receives a full commission for his or her “Direct Registration.”
So, working together with your New Associate always benefits the both of you. And the more Associates you bring into your Network, the more likely it is that one of them could be an influential member of a large affinity group or has a huge social media following. Many Twitter users and Bloggers have thousands of followers. And then, of course, there’s also Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Linked In and all of the other social media networks.
If you were to enlist someone who has a large captive audience through their social media presence, that person could potentially register hundreds of Subscribers. For instance, an Associate who you enlisted underneath you that registers, say, 300 Subscribers would earn you commissions equal to 20% of their combined Alpha fees. And all you did for that was enlist 1 person - your Associate.

And even for your New Associates that are just 1/10th as successful as that, and only register 30 Subscribers, they would each still provide you with significant “passive” income from these Indirect Registration commissions.
Also, don’t forget about the referral power from your Existing Subscribers themselves. Their referrals have enormous viral potential which could create a never-ending downline of recurring commissions for you. When one of your Subscribers refers a friend or business associate and that person registers, then your Subscriber receivers referral credits equal to $25 per month, per our WealthReferrals Program (as described on the user website). And you, of course, receive a “Referral Registration” commission each month for these registraion’s, as well.
Also, once that Subscriber’s referrals inevitably tell their family and friends about WealthMAX and then they register, that would mean even more commissions flowing to you. And then those new Subscribers register their referrals, etc., and the process continually repeats itself. Through these referrals-of-referrals, and with little effort from you, your referral downline will continue to grow and generate substantial commissions for you, and referral credits for the Subscribers who have happily referred the people they know into this highly profitable Win-Win-Win continuum.
Master Program
The Master Associate Program serves as an incentive for Associates who demonstrate a consistent ability to register Subscribers and enlist New Associates. All Associates are eligible for the Program, and those who are selected to participate will be notified by email from WealthMAX staff.
Selections are solely determined by WealthMAX and based on an Associate’s overall performance, with certain geographic considerations also factored in. New Master Associates are sent a link to a webpage to register into the Program, which will provide them with -Live- leads from WealthMAX in the form of incoming phone calls, WebChats, and emails from Prospective Subscribers responding to the internal marketing promotions put out by the company (WealthMAX, LLC.) and our affiliate advertising partners.
Once New Subscribers are registered from these leads, the Associate receives commission credit for Master Promoter registrations (at the same rate as Indirect Registrations) per the Associate Commission Chart. Further details of the Master Associate Program, including technical assistance, are provided if and when you are enrolled into the Program.
Our Associate Network and its commission structure are classic examples of equal opportunity and results-oriented compensation. Being a long-time Associate alone does not assure top earning power like most multi-level or pyramid-style organizations typically feature. In our program, any New Associate has the ability and the opportunity to out earn or rise above the Associates who came before them by simply creating a large horizontal network of Associates and WealthMAX Subscribers.
The message, here, is that our Associate Program is primarily driven by the registration of satisfied Subscribers, not by promoting or selling into the Associate Network itself. We encourage existing Associates to enlist New Associates into the Program, and expand our Associate Network, solely with the intent to market the WealthMAX app directly (by the New Associate’s efforts) with an emphasis on registering new Subscribers.
The following is the progression that you, as a New Associate, will generally take while you advance through the Program:
  • Register as a New Associate under your Enlisting Associate (using his or her Associate Code during registration). Coordinate with your Enlisting Associate to set meetings / teleconferences with your initial Prospective Subscribers for presentations of the WealthMAX app.
  • Learn to effectively promote WealthMAX and to register your initial 25 Subscribers through these joint presentations, and then encourage your new Subscribers to also refer their friends and family to the app.
  • Each time a Prospective Subscriber enters your Associate Code during their subscription registration, you are instantly credited for the corresponding commission.
  • Pass out your Promotion Cards and utilize the techniques and methods described on this website to market and advertise the WealthMAX app to a broad audience.
  • You are free to recruit Prospective Associates (who are then registered under you as their Enlisting Associate) to work in your Associate Network.
  • These New Associates (enlisted under you) generate commission income for you every time they register a new Subscriber.
  • As your Network grows, you’ll have a monthly recurring cash-flow stream of perhaps several thousand dollars that can be used to further your promotional efforts, locate more Prospective Subscribers, and recruit additional Associates.
  • Your monthly commission payments and all of your Associate Network activities are detailed in your Wealth Associate Account, which is accessible through the login page of this website. These commission payments are transferred every 30 days to your PayPal account on the 10th day of the following month in which they were earned.
  • Continue to drive registrations and grow your Associate Network. Broaden your promotional activities to include group meetings and small seminars to reach large numbers of Prospective Subscribers and Associates as you increase your geographic reach and your monthly income level.

As described above, the creation of your own Associate Network can greatly increase the actual number and speed of total Subscriber Registrations that you will benefit from. This creates a healthy “Pipeline” of new Subscribers that come from Referred and Indirect Registrations.

With your residual commission pipeline growing and thriving, it’s not too difficult to imagine at least $10K per month of cash-flow and a healthy 6-figure annual income in the near-term. And then, of course, there is …

no reason to stop there!

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