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Have you ever considered the entrepreneur’s dream of striking out on your own and leaving your job? We show you exactly how that dream should be realized! In our Wealth Associates Program you set the hours, and your office is your mobile device. You’ll work smarter, not harder, to find and enjoy the kind of financial success and independence you desire and deserve.


So, if you’re interested in a new career making - serious money - not in the traditional way with an office, a desk, and a - Boss - but rather in just a few hours a day, using primarily the Internet and your smartphone to market a service that can literally change people’s lives …

Then you don’t want to miss out on this extraordinary opportunity!
Become a Wealth Associate for TODAY! You and your phone is all that it takes.
  • No Experience Necessary
  • You choose: Part / Full Time
  • Can easily Start Today
  • Work from Anywhere
  • A Turn-Key Operation
  • Huge Residual Pay-outs
  • Unlimited Profit Potential
  • Very Low Costs
  • Simple to Market
  • No Investment Required

Welcome to the Wealth Associates website, sponsored by WealthMAX, LLC. As you review the detailed information throughout this site, you will discover how each of the above advantages apply perfectly to our Wealth Associates Program. You’ll also learn the exact methods and steps to follow for you to become a well-compensated and highly successful Wealth Associates.

Please read through everything carefully, and then click the “Register” link above to access our online Registration Form and WealthMAX’s Wealth Associate Agreement.

Your Dream Job Does Not Exist. You Must Create it.*

*According to a Harris Interactive survey, 55 percent of working adults are in search of a new profession.

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The Associate Advantage
Why You are Here
The Right Concept. The Right Opportunity. The Right Time.
The unique opportunity presented on this website is real. It speaks for itself. We do not dress it up with promises of instant riches and effortless wealth. There are no frivolous bells or whistles here, nor is there anything to buy on this website. You also won’t find pictures of palm trees and Mercedes or other such accoutrements of affluence suggesting an easy path to a luxury lifestyle. Here, you will only discover a practical explanation of an entirely obtainable and legitimate business pursuit that’s yours to seize and ultimately profit from. Read on and you’ll soon realize that even with only modest – but honest – effort, success as a Wealth Associate is simply inevitable!
The App
WealthMAX is a digital subscription service providing personal wealth management tools in addition to trade signals for stocks and ETFs through a simple, user friendly App. As you may already know, or will soon learn, this pioneering and revolutionary investment system has empowered the individual investor with the same experience and expertise possessed by the best of today’s cutting-edge Wall Street trading Pros. WealthMAX delivers consistent cash-flow and wealth generation from the American securities markets in ways that most did not think possible.
WealthMAX Subscribers achieve this success by receiving easy-to-follow electronic trade signals sent to their smartphone, tablet or PC via the Internet or our free mobile App. Each detailed WealthMAX signal clearly guides them step-by-step through every trade. Subscribers instantly know the exact security to purchase, what price to pay, when to buy it, how long to hold it, and at what price to sell it for. What’s more, our Subscribers manage their entire WealthMAX portfolios from inside their own online brokerage accounts, and do so in less than 10 minutes per day.
WealthMAX’s surprising simplicity combined with our Subscriber’s self-control over their investment funds has made the service a trusted and indispensable tool for those who have come to know and rely on it. Not to mention the stellar +30% annual portfolio returns produced by our WealthALGO investment models. WealthMAX’s highoctane performance and its many convenient features have made the WealthMAX app a complete and compelling solution for the investors who have experienced …
Its Powerful Results. WealthMAX’s primary website for its Subscribers can be found at: www.wealthmax.info
Why We Use Associates
From the very beginning, it has been the policy of WealthMAX to limit our internal marketing and promotions to that of targeted print ads, direct mail, email, Internet marketing, and paid / organic search. However, the most potent and effective WealthMAX marketers are our satisfied and enthusiastic Subscribers themselves. When our Subscribers share their personal WealthMAX successes with friends, family, and co-workers, the response and resulting outcome is assured:
More Subscribers !!!

We realize that absent an existing Subscriber’s referral, it requires a familiar and personal understanding from a human third-party to fully communicate (using our promotion tools, videos and websites), in ways that print and electronic media alone cannot, the extraordinary opportunities and benefits that our app can provide. This is the reasoning and driving force behind the development of the:

Wealth Associates Program
Your Opportunity
The opportunity for personal and financial success as a Wealth Associate is nearly limitless. For starters, half of all American households own stocks! And according to the World Wealth Report (by Merrill Lynch), there are over 9 million millionaires in the United States alone. But WealthMAX Subscribers only need a $10K minimum account balance.
This means that there are literally millions and millions of potential WealthMAX Subscribers just waiting to discover our app. In fact, there are 10’s of thousands of liquid millionaires (networth excluding home equity) in each of the 20 largest U.S. metropolitan markets, and plenty more to be found throughout the rest of the country. (see chart below for top 10 counties)
So, how many $10 thousandaires must there be … ? Answer: COUNTLESS !
Of course, you certainly don’t need to be a millionaire to subscribe to WealthMAX. We just use them as a benchmark in order to see how big this market really is. There are 262,000 millionaires in New York City and its surrounding area, 197,000 in Los Angeles, 122,000 in Chicago, and 92,000 in Houston. Also, nearly 8% of San Francisco’s entire population are millionaires. But, again, all we really need are qualified “$10 Thousandaires” to be eligible to participate in WealthMAX.
U.S. Millionaire Households 9.1 million households have a net worth of over $1 million
Top 10 counties:
Rank County Households
1 Los Angeles, CA 282,800
2 Cook, IL 177,873
3 Orange, CA 118,299
4 Maricopa, AZ 106,210
5 Harris, TX 106,593
6 San Diego, CA 100,030
7 Nassau, NY 88,816
8 Santa Clara, CA 75,371
9 Palm Beach, FL 69,871
10 Middlesex, MA 67,552
Source: TNS Financial Services


As evidence of the considerable number of people who have already taken some form of active role in their own investing, there are currently 67 million individual online trading accounts in the U.S. and growing. And 81% of them have a $20K balance or higher. These legions of online investors already participate directly in the market through established brokerage firms like Schwab, E*TRADE and Fidelity, and are no doubt keen to improve their returns and are perfectly suited to become Subscribers the day you introduce them to WealthMAX.

So, with just a mere $10K minimum account size needed for WealthMAX investing and the fact that there are literally 10’s of millions of existing multi-thousandaires (real estate agents, car salespersons, office workers, engineers, contractors, retirees, small business owners, etc.), the enormity and breadth of the Prospective Subscriber market throughout the U.S., and the entire world, is mind boggling. And this market will only get larger!

Also, you don’t have to have $10K or even be a WealthMAX Subscriber to become an Associate yourself, but you will eventually want your own subscription if you ever plan to join the ranks of those millionaires in the top ten counties. The people, the money, and the need for WealthMAX is there and growing. Anyone with $10K (or access to it) can generate extra cash and start building wealth from Month 1 as a WealthMAX Subscriber.

Furthermore, the ranks of America’s retiree population are set to swell in the coming years. According to a Bank of America report, 59% of working-age adults fear not having enough money in retirement. And a majority of the respondents to their survey cited “starting to save too late” as their biggest mistake. WealthMAX is the obvious solution for people at any stage of retirement saving.

Income Potential
Like the size of the potential WealthMAX Subscriber market, the income and earning potential for Wealth Associates is equally substantial. An Associate’s compensation payments can reach 5, 6, and even 7-figures annually! And this is all recurring and residual income that continuously flows from the Associate’s share of their Subscriber’s monthly payments.
Per our Terms of Service, the monthly Alpha fee for a $50K WealthMAX account is $250, after the initial 30-day free trial period. For an Associate Registered Subscriber of this account size, the Associate receives a recurring $100 commission (residual) from the Subscriber’s monthly WealthMAX Alpha fee. That’s a 40% commission rate!
These residual payments are, again, a recurring income stream that Associates enjoy from the Subscribers they introduce and register into WealthMAX. Each month that the Associate’s Registered Subscribers pay an Alpha fee, the Associate will receive residual commission credit, accordingly. From the example above at $100 each, 10 new registered Subscribers would equal $1,000 per month in residuals for the Associate. But that same $1,000 dollars could also be earned from just 1 Subscriber with a $500,000 account. That’s because Associate commissions are based on the combined account size of all the Subscribers they register (no cap).
All of this money is gathered and paid-out automatically! In just one step, the Alpha fee payments are calculated and collected electronically each and every month on the Subscriber’s billing-cycle date. The Associate’s Commission Payments are sent out monthly in the exact same electronic fashion. This simplicity is the advantage of a subscription-based service-oriented business model. There are no invoices to send or product back-order slips to issue. Nor are there any logistical headaches or accounts receivable / bad debt issues to mess around with either. So, it really can’t get any easier or more hassle-free than that!

As enticing as the subscription-based commission numbers are, there is even more money to be earned through the enlistment of new Associates themselves. Large commissions from little effort can be achieved by establishing a group of Associates who you enlist underneath you to act as new Associates in your own Wealth Associate Network. (All Wealth Associates can act as “Enlisting Associates” to bring in new Associates to the Program.) So, if just one of your new Associates were to bring in, say, 100 Subscribers; the new Associate would, of course, earn the residual commissions from those subscribers, plus this would translate into THOUSANDS of extra referral commission dollars each and every month for you, too!

Using the $100 per Subscriber example, a new Associate’s 100 Subscribers would earn him $10,000 per month (Direct Commission), and seperately earn you $5,000 per month (Indirect Commission), also. So, if you have 5 new Associates who each register 100 Subscribers, that would equal $25,000 ($5,000 x 5) per month, all for you ...

And you didn’t personally register a single one of those Subscribers!

Every Wealth Associate is issued a unique Promotion Number (Associate Code) and all of their commission generating activity is tracked by this Code and recorded in their individual Wealth Associate account (which is established during the registration process). This Account contains breakdowns of the Associate’s running counts of Registered Subscribers and new Associate (your Associate Network), as well as the detailed monthly statements that total and summarize their commission earnings.

Associates are also sent an email notice within 24-hours each time a new Subscriber or a new Associate registers/enlists anywhere within their Associate Network. The total commission payment earned for each month is transferred to the Associate’s PayPal account on the 10th day of the following month. (See the “Commissions” and “Network” webpages for more details on Associate income.)

Promoting WealthMAX

We provide you with several suggested methods (on the “Marketing” webpage) to market and promote the WealthMAX app. However, we leave much of the content and scope of promotions up to the creativity and enthusiasm of each individual Associate and the Associates they may enlist.

Approaching those in your immediate social and professional circles is the most obvious and effective method to initially pursue. But we also encourage Associates to use:

  • Social Networks and Social Media
  • Internet Search and Banner Ads
  • Email
  • Mobile Ads
  • Blogs
  • Direct Mail
  • Fliers
And other conventional and non-conventional advertising to reach and meet as many potential Subscribers as possible.
The principal method for marketing and promoting WealthMAX is very direct :
Simply talk about WealthMAX with the people who you come into contact with during the day and on evenings when you’re out.
There’s an occasion to share your excitement and passion for WealthMAX with nearly everyone you meet. So, in addition to one-on-one exchanges you should put together luncheons, group meetings, or impromptu gatherings of your social and professional contacts to discuss WealthMAX. And then, eventually, you may even graduate to hosting small to medium size WealthMAX seminars. This is very achievable considering the word-of-mouth referrals you get through your networking efforts, and from the respondents of your other promotional activities and advertisements.
Just Be Creative! And find inviting ways to … Compel people to meet or speak with you about WealthMAX.
And remember to think big because the market for potential Subscribers is huge! Don’t under estimate this or limit yourself in any way. The simple fact of the matter is that if you were to walk down a busy city street and you passed by 10 middle-class adults, at least 7 of them would have the ability and the resources to subscribe to WealthMAX, immediately. So make your advertizing and promotional efforts large and broad.
But always keep in mind that, ultimately, actual face-time or at least voice or live-chat contact is essential to fully and effectively communicate all of the benefits that a WealthMAX subscription can provide. (This is why all of your promotional ads should direct Prospective Subscribers to your upcoming seminar or to a “live representative” - You - by telephone / Web Chat, etc.)
We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how receptive most people are toward learning of new ways to make giant profits from the market, while remaining in 100% control of their money and without any change to their daily routine.
Business-card size WealthMAX promotion cards are available for order in our online Associates Store and should be carried for distribution by Associates at all times (the “Marketing” webpage has an image of this card). These cards display text and graphics describing the WealthMAX app and have the Associate’s Code (referred to as the “Promotion Code”) on them with instructions stating to enter this Code during their online subscription registration to waive the charge for the activation key. There is also a toll-free phone number listed on the card which launches a brief recorded promotional message that invites the listener to visit the WealthMAX Subscriber website for more information.
There’s an occasion to share your excitement and passion for WealthMAX with nearly everyone you meet. So, in addition to one-on-one exchanges you should put together luncheons, group meetings, or impromptu gatherings of your social and professional contacts to discuss WealthMAX. And then, eventually, you may even graduate to hosting small to medium size WealthMAX seminars. This is very achievable considering the word-of-mouth referrals you get through your networking efforts, and from the respondents of your other promotional activities and advertisements.
Your Business

We recommend that Associates initially approach this opportunity as a sideline entrepreneurial venture. There are essentially no start-up costs and your level of commitment in time and energy is entirely up to you. Your objective should be to build a cash-flow pipeline from Subscription Registrations that grows in size from month to month.

We’ve found that a starting target of 25 Subscribers for your cash-flow pipeline can usually be accomplished exclusively through your immediate contacts of family, friends and business associates. Once these 25 Subscriptions are achieved, your commission payments could range from $2,000 to $3,000 per month of recurring income. And these commissions will continue to grow incrementally every month as you register more WealthMAX Subscribers, receive referrals from your existing Subscribers, and enlist New Associates beneath you.

In time, the commissions from your promotional activities could rapidly become a 5-figure monthly revenue source that would allow you to expand your operation to the next level, and grow your part-time endeavor into a real business concern in and of itself. Or, if you so chose, you could stop completely at the 25-Subscriber mark and simply collect $2,000 to $3,000 a month with no further effort or expense whatsoever. That’s like receiving a $24K to $36K per year raise right out of the blue - and in this example you’re no longer even working the Program! So you see, your commit of time, resources and energy really is …
entirely of your own choosing.
At this point it should be abundantly clear that this opportunity, like most in life, is truly what you make of it. We, of course, encourage you to maximize its potential by promoting our popular and valuable app to everyone you know and to anyone who you may meet. After all, WealthMAX is a proven and profitable system that has the power to …
literally change people’s lives.
So, think of this… If you were to take someone who had their money languishing in mutual funds or bonds earning a mere 6% to 8% a year (if that). And then, they were to move $50K or $100K of their investment capital into an online account of their own. And that account grossed over 30% annually, with those gains compounding each year. Now, how different would their financial life look in, say, 4 or 5 years? Very Different. That’s the kind of real power we are talking about.
A True Win-Win

This opportunity, and the WealthMAX app itself, are ultimately about the value of information sharing and the alignment of interests. We are sharing our experience and knowledge with others to enrich and improve their lives and lifestyles. It’s a legitimate win-win proposition where all of our interests are in perfect alignment. Put simply, every Wealth Associate is in the business of helping people to realize all of their financial goals and dreams...

That’s our bottom line with each and every Subscriber.
We carry an inspiring and confidence-building message to the many people out there who are struggling to meet the demands of responsible retirement planning, or are trying hard to improve upon their current lifestyle, or who are striving to reach the dream of financial independence. Due to the low rate-of-return from nearly everything else, our app may be the only bridge, or accelerant, for even the upper-income earners among them to meet all of their current money needs and future financial targets.
The WealthMAX network of Associates takes our message of “empowering the individual investor” to these people and to those of every walk of life, and introduces them to a practical and quality service that they will genuinely need and want in a crucial way. Unlike some solicitations, we are not “pumping” an inconsequential product that they do not desire or for which they have no actual use. There certainly is no shared value or alignment of interests in that. Instead, we provide them with a truly valuable resource, at a reasonable price, and on…
clear and fair terms.
And we demonstrate our confidence in the reliability and worth of WealthMAX through a transparent and no non-sense business model. There are no up-front charges required from Subscribers, and no products or software systems for them to buy and interpret. In fact, their first 30 days of service are absolutely FREE!.
From there, WealthMAX essentially pays for itself by generating monthly profits that far exceed its modest subscription price - so Subscribers pay nothing until they actually make money! Plus the WealthMAX service is conveniently delivered to them via our mobile app and in a month-to-month format that requires no long-term contract commitments whatsoever. And, therefore, our Subscribers can cancel their subscription risk-free at any time with no further obligation and…
no strings attached!
Trading expertise or technical sophistication is definitely not required. Our Subscribers don’t even have to know much about the stock market, or be slaves to their computers like most traders who follow individual secutirities all day. They simply place a high value on the most compelling features of the app:
its ease-of-use, convenience, and control.
Whether a realtor, business executive, doctor, office worker, contractor or almost any profession, WealthMAX Subscribers can live their life - work, family, and play - and never miss a beat as they successfully manage their trades, and their own money, with little effort or time commitment at all. Nothing could be more valuable than that to today’s individual investor.
Final Thoughts
The opportunity, and the significant rewards, for you to share these valuable benefits with others are very much yours to make, and yours to make the most of. What other business could you start for so little and still have unlimited earning potential achieved though limited commitments of your time and effort? And the work…? You simply speak of your experience and/or knowledge of the WealthMAX app to others, which in turn helps them greatly, and will also grow your new business (and cash-flow) as a Wealth Associate.
Along the way, you will create your own Associate Network of Subscribers and New Associates to parlay your registrations and enlistments into a 6-figure or more annual income stream. That could be a life changing event itself, not to mention the exponential growth this cash-flow would produce if put into your own WealthMAX investment account. At that point, the palm trees and Mercedes we mentioned earlier would become standard issue…
So it’s time to ask yourself: If not this, then what? If not now, than when?
Please continue through this entire website (starting with the next webpage titled “Network”) to learn all the details of your new business. Afterward, you can complete the Registration process, including the execution of our Wealth Associate Agreement, by following the simple steps on the “Registration” webpage. However, if becoming a Wealth Associate isn’t right for you at this time, we appreciate that you took a moment to learn of this opportunity and we wish you the very best as a valued WealthMAX Subscriber.
And if you are not yet a Subscriber, we strongly encourage you to join the WealthMAX community of investors and learn first-hand of the amazing cash-flow and wealth creation that only the WealthMAX app can provide.
Visit www.wealthmax.info to discover WealthMAX and see what all the excitement is about!
Begin your career as a Wealth Associate, today. get registered here